Changing Brand Names

lawyers-suck-all-that-is-good-and-holy-out-of-the-universe--46b63So I should have thought of it earlier, but until I started pursuing some information today I just didn’t. Some big company is going to get all uptight about one of their names being used in the project if they feel their equipment isn’t being represented just right. Even if I make it clear they are not backing the project, they are bound to get upset if their equipment breaks down too often or their brand of tire sucks for average MPG. So I’ve decided I’m going to head the issue off at the pass and change the names rather than risk the fight, and work down the road.

I’m really not all that creative so I’m not sure what we’ll name things. Perhaps we can go with some of the old slang names for trucks? Like the¬†Kenworthless, and or the Peckerbilt? As much as I’d love to use such names simply to indicate my ¬†displeasure with companies having too much lawyer power, I’ll come up with something more appropriate. Nobody really wants to drive around a Fruit-Liner anyways, right?

So, with that said. If you think you have a good idea for a truck, tire, wheel, or trailer name, send it to me via either Facebook, or Google+. Maybe this is better after all. I probably should charge to put their name on the site. No free rides!

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